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«Because each customer is unique and each project is specific, ABC provides its customers with a tailored service to better meet their expectations»



Founded in 1926, ABC CONTRACTING is a major player in providing turnkey EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) services for the energy industry in Africa.

The strength of our design and project management expertise comes from our multi-skilled and dynamic team of twenty engineers who work closely on a day-to-day basis with the various Group companies operating in Africa.

Our main areas of activity include: Low voltage (LV) and Medium voltage (MV) Distribution Systems, LV and MV Transformer Stations, rehabilitation of hydropower plants, renewable energy and construction and maintenance of thermal & hybrid power plants with ANGLO BELGIAN CORPORATION (ABC) engines.

Electrification rurale en Afrique
Pylones electriques au Rwanda

ABC CONTRACTING has operations in a major part of the continent. Our different sites in Abidjan, Bangui, Brazzaville, Bujumbura, Kigali, Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Nouakchott and Pointe-Noire have been established to meet the specific requirements and demands of local markets. All these sister companies have an engineering department and highly skilled installation staff on-site, who closely work with ABC CONTRACTING for projects in the energy sector.

ABC CONTRACTING’s expertise in engineering, combined with a reliable network of partners, allows us to deliver containerized solutions to complete turnkey solutions, in Africa, with a renewable component brought by Solar-Wind-Thermal hybridisation.


Turnkey hybrid power plant solution
  – Hybridisation with solar panels

  – Hybridisation with wind

  – Hybridisition combining solar & wind

Possibility of cogeneration

Possibility of biogas


ABC’s mobile solutions push your boundaries. Electricity is at the base of many industrial projects, civil, mining or military. In some regions it is not available or will be available only in several years while projects must start as soon as possible. In order to accompany you everywhere, we offer:

»Complete containerized projects. The system consists not only of generators but also of fuel oil treatment, starter system, electrical panels, etc. All integrated into one or more containers.

»Possibility of installation in very difficult conditions.

»Dimensioning and feasibility studies adapted to your characteristics and your needs.

Reliable and cost-effective energy solutions for the mining industry

The need for a reliable energy supply in the mining industry is a major challenge. Mining companies operating in remote exploration areas or fully operational mining sites must rely on experienced partners for their energy needs.

Miners facing increased demand for electricity who are looking for a reliable and efficient off-grid power source or who wish to replace their existing rental power plant, find ABC a strong partner for their provide effective energy solution.

With a wide range of ABC motors with a power between 800 and 10400 kW, ABC offers customized solutions for its mining customers (thermal, hybrid, containerized or customized)!

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